Why Buy an Electric Toothbrush

new electric toothbrushBrushing your teeth helps to improve your dental health, which is why you should do it properly. An electric toothbrush will help you do a much better job brushing your teeth compared to other options. Some of the main reasons to invest in an electric toothbrush are highlighted below.

They Are Easier to Use

Ease of use is the most apparent benefit that you will gain from using an electric toothbrush. You do not have to move the toothbrush back and forth numerous times to clean your teeth thoroughly. If you try using an electric toothbrush for the first time, having to do very little manual work may feel a bit weird, but you will get the hang of it within a short time.

They Remove Plaque Better

Clinical studies indicate that brushing teeth with rotation oscillation action of electric toothbrushes removes more plaque. The studies also show that electric toothbrushes reduce gingivitis more effectively compared to manual brushes. Some of the electric toothbrushes have additional functions such as intensity and speed control, which makes them even more effective.

They Are Safer

Most of the superior-quality electric toothbrushes are a lot safer compared to the manual ones. That is because they are gentler on your gums, given that they maintain a constant pressure. However, you have to learn the proper techniques for using an electric toothbrush to ensure that you put the right amount of pressure.

They Save Time

An electric toothbrush will help you brush your teeth thoroughly within a shorter time. The bristles will brush your teeth a lot more times within a given time compared to a manual toothbrush. That means that you can effectively clean all the surfaces of your teeth within a shorter time.

They Are Long Lasting

The electric toothbrushes are significantly more expensive than the manual ones. However, they are worth investing in because they are way more durable. Some are designed to last for more than five years. You will only need to change the heads from time to time, which are not expensive.

They Are More Comfortable

Using an electric toothbrush is a lot more comfortable than a manual one. For starters, the handle is a lot bigger, which fits much better to your grip for easier control. The brushing heads are also usually a lot smaller. That makes it easier to brush the hard to reach surfaces of your teeth.